Terri Wilcox Garden Design, LLC designs and installs high end gardens, landscapes, patios, and walkways for any type of outdoor space in the Kearsage Region of NH including New London, Sunapee, and Grantham region. Terri’s goal for each customer is to provide the best garden design and landscape team in the industry, with work done efficiently and with an eye for detail. Terri and her crew will create a work of art in any outdoor space, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the view. 

Garden Blog

  • Tilley Garden

    Tilley Garden

    At this time of year, early spring, I am reminded that my friends, John and Trish Tilley, have one of the most beautiful and interesting gardens in town. While every other garden lies dormant still, John has brought a little bit of his home state, South Carolina, to his garden. Because of an unusual micro […]

  • MosiacCultures


    The Montreal Botanical Garden is one of my favorite places to visit. I have been there many times over the years, taking inspiration from the Chinese and Japanese gardens, the Flowery Brook Garden and the alpine garden, as well as their arboretum and exhibitions. So when we moved my daughter, Kelsey, into her Freshman year […]

  • To Mulch or Not To Mulch

    I get asked a lot whether and how much to mulch gardens and landscaping. I actually have pretty strong opinions on the matter. Having maintained both mulched and unmulched gardens, I have become convinced that mulched gardens are far superior. Mulch serves to deter weeds and maintain moisture in the soil. A good mulch breaks down to compost over […]

  • Tools Time: My favorite garden tools

    Let’s get straight to the tool talk. Tools matter. You don’t need tools that are snapping off from the base, rusting out, or losing their edge. Here are a few pointers on several specific tools I really like that make gardneing life that much nicer. The Hori-Hori Knife. Yes, you are pronouncing that right. A Hori-Hori is […]

  • Garden Strong: Tips for healthy gardening

    Even though you’ve hired a landscaper, it’s hard to resist getting out there in your yard and garden! After a long winter’s rest you’re probably using muscles you forgot you had and twisting your body into positions that just can’t be good. Here are a few things to think about when you’re doing a little of […]