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As a young girl Terri was drawn to the beautiful gardens in her neighbor’s yard just down the street, and she spent many spring and summer days in their company. They taught her the names of all the beautiful plants and flowers in their yard. It was then that the gardening seed was planted, and her love of beauty in outdoor spaces has been in full bloom ever since.

Terri is also an artist with an eye for beautiful design elements, so when it came time to create her own dream outdoor space in their first family home nearly seventeen years ago, it made perfect sense to design her own gardens and patio. When she finished, neighbors and friends admired her work and requested her designs in their own yards… and from there a business was born.

Terri’s artistic eye for design and her horticultural knowledge blend perfectly as she creates stunning high-end gardens, landscapes, and patios for her customers.

Are you ready for Terri to bring an outdoor oasis to your yard?